I am Miguel Fernandez Perez.
A software engineer, at Zappware

In my free time I enjoy tinkering around with code, playing the dungeon adventure cardgame Munchkin, watching various TV shows and going to all kind of events.

About Me

Ever since I was a young boy I was interested in computers and programming. I started pretty early; I was already creating websites and coding computer games at a very young age.

At high school I studied Human Sciences, which has always been one of my interests. While I enjoyed learning about the human psyche, my passion was still computer programming.
I graduated magna cum laude at XIOS University College (now called PXL) as a Bachelor in Applied Computer Science (Application development). I did an intership at Zappware as an iOS Developer with Thomas Panis, for which we received the award 'Most meritorious thesis of the course Bachelor Applied Computer Science 2012'.

Having thoroughly enjoyed my time as an intern, I decided to join Zappware as a member of the high-skilled team working on the Nexx UI in C++. Still learning new things every day.


I like making things. Most of the things I make are just small experiments which never get released. However, if whatever I made can be useful for someone, you can find it here.
Click the images to download.


A must-have Windows tool for anyone who has an internet connection at Telenet (Belgian ISP).
Includes various desktop widgets.

Easy Battery Calibration

Tired of going to Clockworkmod after updating your ROM to remove the battery stats file? Try this tool, it's the easiest way to calibrate the battery of your Android device!

ICP Server Checker

Makes it easy to play the Infinity Combat Prototype together. ICP is a game prototype from I-Novae studios


You can get in touch with me by filling in this contact form. I'll try to reply as soon as possible (usually within a day). You can find my social media and contact details at the bottom of the left-side menu.